I tell my clients I am like the Statue of Liberty, only instead of light in my torch, I hold hope. Who knows, maybe they are synonymous... As a staunch believer in hope, I’m constantly mining for it. I utilize Somatic Experiencing techniques to help clients access and build inner resilience and cohesion. Together, we see what we can uncover when we focus on capacity instead of paralysis, progress instead of regress, and joy... instead of hopelessness.

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“Having the opportunity to work with Meghan has completely changed my life. It took me 4 tries to finally find someone that I trusted & felt comfortable with to help me with my trauma. Meghan uses a unique combination of techniques to help you recognize how your mind & body work which allows you to heal fully. The relaxation methods that I learned from Meghan have been some of the only things that calm my anxiety & her gentle, welcoming personality allowed me to open up to her in every way that I needed to. I'm beyond grateful to have found someone like Meghan & I know that she will continue to be successful in her future work.”

“Meghan was awesome to work with. She listened carefully and was never judgmental of what I had to say. I felt like she cared about what I was dealing with and came up with effective methods to help my anxiety. She was always nice and friendly, and I looked forward to meeting with her.”

"Meghan's skill as a therapist may be surpassed only by her dedication to the profession and to the clients she serves. Her kind presence inspires trust, confidence, and hope in addressing challenges and allowing space for the full range of human emotion and experience."

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